Top Best 17 Songs Music From The Xenosaga I Episode 1 Der Wille Zur Macht Soundtrack ゼノサーガ

Image source: "REVIEW: XENOSAGA EPISODE I: DER WILLE ZUR MACHT", Charlotte Buckingham

Image source: "REVIEW: XENOSAGA EPISODE I: DER WILLE ZUR MACHT", Charlotte Buckingham

Xenosaga, along with Final Fantasy, was one of the games that I was obsessed with as a teen. I played it constantly every moment that I was not studying for school or doing homework. The design of the characters, the attacks, the plot, the exciting action and adventure, the amazing robotic characters, all of these things made me fall in love with Xenosaga.  

When I was young, I played Xenosaga Episodes 1 and 2, but when the third one came out, I was too busy with school to play it 😢. 

While playing Xenosaga, there were a few musical pieces in it that I liked a lot, and which made playing the game more exciting. Xenosaga does not have as many songs as Final Fantasy does, but it still has some beautiful pieces; so here are my top 17 favorite musical pieces from the Xenosaga Episode 1 Der Wille Zur Macht Soundtrack.

*Click on each title to hear the song*

1. Shion - Memories of The Past

This is a lovely soothing piano piece.

2. Prologue

This song constantly transitions between being dark and more mysterious, to being adventurous. It is a beautiful piece with violin, flute, drums, and what sounds like the xylophone. At times, there is also a deep male vocal and a beautiful foreign female vocal. 

3. Nephilim

This is a beautiful piano piece.

4. Warmth

This is a light-hearted easygoing piano piece that reminds me of youthfulness. 

5. Beach of Nothingness

This is such a beautiful deep violin piece. This song is one of my favorite songs in the whole Xenosage Episode 1 soundtrack.

6. Green Sleeves

This is a lively sweet piano piece that reminds me of being lost in thought, and lovers dancing.

7. Kokoro/Heart

This is a beautiful English female vocal that reminds me of the English DiC Sailor Moon songs because it is very innocent and focuses on one's personal strength, dreams, and the feelings of love.


8. World To Be Born

This is a beautiful piece that reminds me of the heavens with its lovely joyful female hymns and harps. This song reminds me of all things magical and fantastical, like another magical world full of creatures of every kind. This soothing piece is also another one of my favorites in the Xenosaga Episode 1 soundtrack.

9. Pain - Vocal Version/Piano Version

The Piano Version: Despite that this song is called pain, it reminds me of music that you would play before bed, and it does not feel sad like one would expect; it is not overly dark, but rather, it has a sweet feeling to it. 

English Vocal Version: This song is a bit sad; it is about the pain and emptiness in one's heart; it is about the weight of pain, and the longing that is present even when you are with the one you love. Will pain break us, or can we overcome it?


10. Starting Examination

Song starts at 1:07:23

This is an intense piece that reminds you of going into battle, so there is tension and a feeling of foreboding, but it is a lovely song with a mix of different instruments being used to stimulate you and draw you in. 

11. Thoughts

Song starts at 1:09:39

This is a sharp piece with high notes that sing at you, and which are soothing and peaceful. 

12. Sorrow

This is a beautiful piano and violin piece.

13. Game Over

This is a soothing relaxing piano piece that would gently lull you to sleep, so it is also one of my favorite songs in the Xenosaga Episode 1 soundtrack.

14. Song of Nephilim

This is a dark deep female hymn that reminds me of a mermaid's song; it is mystical and magical.

15. Inner Space

This song is similar to the "Song of Nephilim", but it is darker and more ethereal. This piece is more like what you would expect to hear in "The Nightmare Before Christmas", though it does not have a vocal hymn. 

16. Albedo

This is a dark piece that reminds me of going into a dark predator's lair. There are deep male and female vocals that remind me of someone in agony and can sound like screams, so it is an intensely dark foreboding piece.

17. Last Battle

The violin and piano together in this song are eerie, fast, and adventurous. The male vocal hymn and tambourine also make this piece mysterious and action-packed.

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