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The Best Free Online Websites For Reading Manga 無料のマンガをオンラインで読みます

There are so many online websites for reading free manga, but not all of them are created equal. I have found that after years of hunting down manga online, some websites are far better than others. The manga websites that I consider the best have one or more of these features:

  • The largest selections of manga 漫画manhua 漫畫, and/or manhwa 만화
  • Lists manhua and manhwa as a genre so they are easy to find
  • Are free
  • Load several pages of the manga at once rather than only one page at a time, which takes much longer to read and can be slow changing pages
5 Of The Best Free Online Websites For Reading Manga

Mangareader is on this list because it has one of the largest, perhaps the largest, amount of manga and manhwa available to read online for free. Mangareader currently has 524 manhwa alone. I don't know any other manga site with that many manhwa novels. One downside to Mangareader though is that it does not list manhua as a genre, so those kinds of novels are hard to find on their website.

Mangakakalot made this list because it is a great site for manhua fans. Though Mangakakalot has a much smaller selection of manhwa compared to Mangareader, it has one of the largest selections of free manhua online; currently, it has 176 manhua titles to read. 

Mangasim made this list because it also has one of the largest selections of manhua. Like Mangakakalot, it also has 176 manhua titles to read.

Mangarock made this list because it has a huge selection of manga. Currently, they have 16,837 mangas available to read for free. A major downside to Mangarock though is that manhwa and manhua aren't listed as genres on this site, so they are hard to find there.

Kissmanga is included in this list because it is one of the few free manga sites where you can load all of the manga pages at once. This makes reading manga very fast and efficient. You don't have to wait for each individual page to load, which can take a long time depending on the browser and computer you are using. So kissmanga is one of the most efficient online sites for reading manga.


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