Wellber no Monogatari Sisters of Wellber ウエルベールの物語 Episode 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Anime Worth Watching?

26 Episodes, 2 Seasons, 1 OVA
Production I.G. Studios
Produced By Trans Arts & Nagoya Broadcasting Network

Genres: War, Political, Action, Adventure, Some Nudity, Mature Situations, Fantasy, Historical, Period Anime, Supernatural

Learn Japanese Through Anime With Video & Translation - Rilakkuma and Kaoru リラックマとカオルさん Episode 1

Learn Japanese Through Anime 日本語をまなびましょう: Rilakkuma and Kaoru リラックマとカオルさん

Ore Monogatari!! My Love Story!! 俺物語!! Episode 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Anime Worth Watching?

22 Episodes
Licensed By Sentai Filmworks
Madhouse Studios
Produced By Nippon Television Network, Shueisha, & VAP
Genres: Romance, School Anime, Shoujo, Comedy

Hellsing [ヘルシング] Episode 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Anime Worth Watching?

Produced By Fuji TV & Pioneer LDC
Gonzo Studios
13 Episodes, 2 OVAs, & 4 Episode Specials

Licensed By Funimation & Geneon Entertainment USA

Genres: Supernatural, Vampire, Zombie, Violence, Conflict, Fighting, Action, Horror, Weapons, Ghouls, Fantasy

Shiki Corpse Demon 屍鬼 Episode 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Anime Worth Watching?

Shiki Corpse Demon 屍鬼

22 Episodes, 2 Episode Specials
Licensed By Funimation
Produced By: Aniplex, Dentsu, Fuji TV, DAX Production, & Shueisha

Genres: Horror, Vampire, Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, Crime

This anime starts out very dark with people looking for a girl in the woods named Megumi, who looks dead on the forest floor. The colors in this anime are lovely, bright, and vibrant at times with a strong contrast, but they are also very dark at other times. The music in this anime also sounds dark, so the music and colors suit this anime's dark themes well.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki 天地無用!魎皇鬼 Episode 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Anime Worth Watching?

Tenchi Muyo Ryououki

Episodes: 24, 2 Specials, 3 Movies
Produced By Pioneer LDC
Licensed By Funimation & Geneon Entertainment USA

Genres: Space, Demon, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Action, Magic, Spells, harem, sexual situations

This anime was so popular when I was young! It is considered a classic like Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli. You can see the popularity of this anime in the fact that it has numerous movies, OVAs, and six different versions and seasons. I will review all of them to see how this anime changed over time and to compare them, but for now, we will start with the first season of this anime that I ever watched that came out when I was a kid.

Top 3 Best Historical Animes and Films of 2018 最高の歴史的なアニメ

Historical animes are amazing! You get to learn about and see how life was in the past, centuries or decades ago. Traditional historical clothing and settings are beautiful to look at as well. History buffs will love these types of animes, and many of them are created every year. I watched every historical anime from 2018 that I could find, and out of all of them, these 3 were my favorites; they were the top best ones created in 2018. 

Top 4 Best Vampire Animes of 2018 最高の吸血鬼アニメ

One of my favorite types of animes to watch are vampire animes. The reason for this is because they tend to have a deep complicated plot, and a strong storyline. The graphical designs tend to be very in depth and amazing in these as well. If you love the paranormal and supernatural, then this is the genre to watch! Several supernatural vampiric animes came out in 2018, but here are my top 4 best vampire animes of this year.

Top 3 Best Favorite Shoujo Animes and Films of 2018 最高の少女アニメ

Shoujo animes are one of the most popular genres of anime. One of the most popular animes of all time, and which put anime on the map in America, was a shoujo anime called Sailor Moon. Shoujo stands for maiden, so it represents animes tailored to young girls. 

Shoujo anime can be full of intimate sweet romance, like those once in a lifetime loves and first time loves; they also have themes that focus on personal growth and self-discovery. Many of my most-loved animes are shoujos, so today, I will share with you all my favorite, top best shoujo animes of 2018. 

Top 7 Best Songs From Studio Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service 魔女の宅急便

Image source: "Live Action Kiki's Delivery Service", Danny Choo, Flickr

Kiki's Delivery Service was the first Studio Ghibli film that I ever fell in love with; it was the Ghibli film that put Studio Ghibli on the map for me. I watched Kiki's Delivery Service over and over again as a child. There is just something about Kiki's personality, adorable Jiji, and the magic surrounding Kiki's everyday life, that added so much excitement to mine. So naturally, just as I fell in love with the film, I also fell in love with the soundtrack. So, here are the top best songs from the film Kiki's Delivery Service.

Top 4 Best Songs Music From Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle Soundtrack Album ハウルの動く城

Image source: "Howl's Moving Castle - Cover", Amal FM, Flickr

Howl's Moving Castle is one of my absolute favorite films among the Studio Ghibli films. The amazing romance between Howl and Sophie, the magical elements, and the historical setting, make it an absolute gem for me. Of course, I can't forget precious Markle and sweet Calcifer as well. 

The setting, characters, story line, and animation itself in this film make it amazing, but so does the soundtrack. Howl's Moving Castle does not have a huge soundtrack like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, but the few that it does have are amazing. So, here are the top 4 best songs in the film Howl's Moving Castle.

Top 35 Best Final Fantasy 8 Music Songs From The soundtrack - RPG Role Playing Game Japanese Animation Square Enix ファイナルファンタジーVIII

Image source: "Final Fantasy VIII [BG]", Precision GFX, Flickr

Final Fantasy VIII has one of my absolute favorite soundtracks. There were so many amazing songs in this soundtrack, and Rinoa, playful cute Selphie, and Squall were amazing characters. Some people didn't care for the relationship between Rinoa and Squall, but regardless, the game and the soundtrack are memorable and have a special place in my heart. So, here are the top best Final Fantasy 8 songs from the soundtrack.

Top 16 Best Final Fantasy 7 VII Music Songs From The Soundtrack - RPG Role Playing Game Japanese Animation Square Enix ファイナルファンタジーVII

Image source: "Final Fantasy VII [BG]", Precision GFX, Flickr

Final Fantasy is so famous for its games, soundtracks, anime series, and films. I was an avid player of all the Final Fantasy games as a teen. I loved Tifa, Cloud, and Aerith in Final Fantasy 7, and I felt that Tifa and Cloud were a great pairing. The music in the soundtrack was great as well, so here are 16 of the best songs in the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack.

Ao Haru Ride Blue Spring Ride アオハライド Ep. 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Series Worth Watching?

Ao Haru Ride
Blue Spring Ride  アオハライド

Slice of Life, Teen, Romance, School, Drama, Shoujo

Episodes: 12 - 1 Season - 1 Movie

Licensed By Sentai Filmworks

 Produced By Sony Music Entertainment, TOHO Animation, Shueisha, & Several Others

Kimi Ni Todoke 君に届け Ep. 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Series Worth Watching?

Kimi Ni Todoke 
From Me To You 君に届け

Slice of Life, Teen, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo

Episodes: 25 - 1 Season

Produced By Nippon Television Network & Shueisha

Vampire Knight Season 1 ヴァンパイア 騎士 ナイト Ep. 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Series Worth Watching?

Vampire Knight Review
 ヴァンパイア 騎士 ナイト

Mystery, Romance, Reverse Harem, Shoujo, Supernatural, Paranormal, Vampire, Drama Anime

Episodes: 13 - 2 Seasons

Season 1 Vampire Knight
Season 2 Vampire Knight Guilty
Licensed By Viz Media

This anime starts with a young female child standing outside while it is snowing, who seems to be lost and who has memory loss. A male vampire comes across her, attacks her, and tries to drink her blood. Another vampire saves her just in time though.

Natsume Yuujinchou 夏目友人帳 Natsume's Book of Friends Ep. 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Series Worth Watching?

Natsume Yuujinchou Natsume's Book of Friends Review 夏目友人帳

Supernatural, Paranormal, Drama, Demons - Episodes: 13
1 Movie, 1 OVA, 6 Seasons:

Natsume Yuujinchou, Natsume Yuuchinchou San, Shi, Roku, Go, and Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou

This anime starts out like a horror suspense anime with someone named Natsume Takashi running through the woods from a female one-eyed monster that is looking for a woman. Natsume comes out of the woods and runs into two of his male classmates. Natsume then stops for a moment to catch his breathe, and then he continues running towards a shrine.

Best Most Meaningful Life Teaching Anime Quotes 2019 引用文

Best Most Meaningful Moving Anime Life Quotes 2019 引用文

Anime is not only beautiful visually and graphically, but the messages and quotes found in them can be very touching and moving. Every anime is different with its own unique messages and themes that teach us about life, love, family, and culture

I watched many animes this year, and out of all of them, these were the best most moving quotes that I heard (This list will be updated throughout the year, until the end of 2019, so be sure to check back often 😁):

Akatsuki No Yona Yona of The Dawn 暁のヨナ; Ep. 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Series Worth Watching?

Akatsuki No Yona 
Yona of The Dawn Review 暁のヨナ;

Action, Adventure, Historical, Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy

Episodes: 24 - 1 OVA 
Licensed By Funimation

Ouran Koukou High School Host Club 桜蘭高校ホスト部 Ep. 1 Review, Synopsis, Summary - Is This Series Worth Watching?

Ouran Koukou High School Host Club First Episode Review

Shoujo, Comedy, Romance, Reverse Harem, School Anime
Aired 2006 - Licensed By Funimation
Episodes: 26

The anime starts off showing a very rich private school where they have a host club in an empty music room with handsome boys that entertain well-off young ladies.