Top 3 Best Historical Animes and Films of 2018 最高の歴史的なアニメ

Historical animes are amazing! You get to learn about and see how life was in the past, centuries or decades ago. Traditional historical clothing and settings are beautiful to look at as well. History buffs will love these types of animes, and many of them are created every year. I watched every historical anime from 2018 that I could find, and out of all of them, these 3 were my favorites; they were the top best ones created in 2018. 

Top 4 Best Vampire Animes of 2018 最高の吸血鬼アニメ

One of my favorite types of animes to watch are vampire animes. The reason for this is because they tend to have a deep complicated plot, and a strong storyline. The graphical designs tend to be very in depth and amazing in these as well. If you love the paranormal and supernatural, then this is the genre to watch! Several supernatural vampiric animes came out in 2018, but here are my top 4 best vampire animes of this year.

Top 3 Best Favorite Shoujo Animes and Films of 2018 最高の少女アニメ

Shoujo animes are one of the most popular genres of anime. One of the most popular animes of all time, and which put anime on the map in America, was a shoujo anime called Sailor Moon. Shoujo stands for maiden, so it represents animes tailored to young girls. 

Shoujo anime can be full of intimate sweet romance, like those once in a lifetime loves and first time loves; they also have themes that focus on personal growth and self-discovery. Many of my most-loved animes are shoujos, so today, I will share with you all my favorite, top best shoujo animes of 2018.