Manga Review: Villainous Princess 극한 공녀 Korean Manhwa 만화 리뷰/漫畵 Volume 1 Chapter 1

Villainous Princess 극한 공녀

Author: Bae Huijin and Yusoo

Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Fantasy, Time Travel, Reincarnation/Past Life

Current Number of Chapters Released: 22

Ongoing Manga

This Korean manhwa focuses on the concept of reincarnation, where the soul is reborn (comes back to life) after the person's physical body dies. The soul lives on in another physical form or body, so the soul essential migrates to another body once the body it was in dies. In this way, the same soul can experience different ways of life, and live in different cultures, countries, and time periods. 

The main female lead named Princess Violet Babarase, has another soul inhabit her body and live on in her world as her.  

Violet is the daughter of a grand duke. The original Violet and her family were cruel and would physically punish and torture their servants for even the smallest mistake. The new Violet whose soul has taken over Violet's body is poor and an orphan, so she is a much kinder and gentler soul.  To the shock of Violet's father, his daughter has suddenly changed and has become very forgiving and does not believe in harming others. 

Originally, the old Violet was quite wretched; she acted blindly out of love and went crazy with jealousy. Her jealousy led her to constantly persecute another wealthy woman named Shannon, who married the man that Violet loved. Violet's horrible behavior made her hated by many people and become villainous. 

One day, the old Violet just disappeared, and a new soul inhabited her body. This new Violet knew no one in Violet's world that was around Violet, but despite this, the new Violet decides to make the best of her time in this life and live fully. In order to do this, Violet decides to let two destructive people in Violet's life go. To do this, she arranges to meet them.

This manga goes straight into the storyline, but I feel that important details and information about the main characters are missing. I understand who the old Violet was, but who is this new Violet? Why did she enter Violet's body? Who was her family and what led her to enter Violet's body? How did she die? The manga continues the story without hinting at an answer to these questions.

The manga continues with Violet going to visit Irene, who is the sister of the man that the old Violet was in love with. 

While having tea together, Irene asks Violet why she pushed Shannon. Violet answers her by saying that it was Shannon's fault because of her scheming. The man that Violet was in love with, called Duke Gerald, comes in while Violet is saying this, and he reprimands her for it by calling her shameless and childish. Princess Shannon comes in as well acting innocent and apologizes to Violet saying that she is sorry if Violet thought she meant her any harm.

To everyone's shock, Violet lets them all go and holds no anger or grudge toward them. Violet is the bigger person and wishes them all happiness and walks out of their lives. 

Finally, Violet can move on with her life since she has freed herself of what harmed her and caused her pain. 

Once again I am also left with another question here. What happened to the old Violet? Did she die suddenly or commit suicide? The manga tells us that Violet was miserable and unhappy, but it tells us nothing else. I am assuming that the old Violet had to die for another soul to inhabit her body, but magic could have been involved. However, given the current direction of the story, I do not feel that magic is part of the plot.

Later that night, Violet feels free and relaxed after walking away from Irene, Shannon, and Gerald, but while getting ready for bed, Violet hears something, so she goes to check it out. Violet is shocked to find that a strange man she does not know is in her bed. It is here that the first chapter of this manga ends.

Review: Is This Manhwa Worth Reading?

I am on the fence about this manhwa. On one hand, I love the design of the female characters in this manhwa. Irene, Shannon, and Violet are stunningly beautiful, and their clothing is so detailed and well-designed. 

I also love the concept of reincarnation. At the same time, I was a little lost as I read this first chapter, and it was not until I reached the end that things started making some sense; some things I still do not understand though, and I am left with many unanswered questions. For example, The events that made Violet's life miserable are described in the manga as a novel, so was a novel written and published publicly about Violet, or was this novel something that only the new Violet knew about? Also, how did a new soul come to inhabit Violet's body? Something had to trigger it. Did both Violets die, or was some kind of magic involved?

Despite all the questions that I have, this manhwa does seem interesting. Perhaps my questions will be answered in the next chapter, so I will continue reading it to find out.

So far, I am not sure which direction this manhwa will go in, but I think it will focus on this new Violet's life and experiences with the people in the old Violet's life. Based on the ending of this first chapter, we may even discover some dirty little secrets of Violet's along the way that will make this manhwa even more interesting.

Based on what I have read in the first chapter of this manhwa, I do not feel that the author gives me enough information to decide if this manhwa is worth reading or not, so if you have read this manhwa, let me know what you thought of it! Should I or others looking for a good manhwa keep reading it?

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