Manga Review マンガレビュー: Coffee & Vanilla コーヒーとバニラ Kōhī to Banira - Volume 1 Chapter 1

Coffee & Vanilla コーヒーとバニラ Kōhī to Banira

Author: Akegami Takara

Genres: Rich Guy Poor Girl, Romance, School Setting, Mature

Current Number of Chapters Released: 37

Ongoing Manga/Not Completed

This manga is amazing! I absolutely love it! This manga is so popular that a J-drama was created based on it! The J-drama follows the manga to a T, so it is also amazing. You can watch the J-drama for free on Youtube. I highly recommend watching it! It is so good!

The manga Coffee and Vanilla is very sweet and romantic; it focuses on the main female character named Risa, who is very shy, innocent, and sweet. Risa is older and now at university; she comes from an all-girls high school, so she does not understand guys, and is shy around them. Risa can not even tell when a guy is hitting on her. Despite this, Risa wants to get a boyfriend and experience love for the first time now in college. 

Risa as a person is someone who has a hard time getting close to others and expressing herself. Being in college around many new people is stressful for her, so to relieve her stress, she goes to the same coffee shop and orders a vanilla frappuccino regularly. This is where the title of this manga comes from.

The title Coffee and Vanilla comes from the connection between the two main characters: Risa and her love interest Fukami. Fukami owns the coffee shop that Risa always goes to. In addition, their relationship is like coffee and vanilla. Fukami is like coffee with his intensity and strength. Risa is very soft and much more mild in behavior like the taste of vanilla. Coffee and vanilla can be very sweet, just like their romantic relationship throughout this manga. 

Risa meets Fukami for the first time at the coffee shop that he owns when a guy hits on Risa, but Risa turns him down. The guy keeps pressuring Risa, and gets rough with her physically. Fukami sees this and helps her by pretending to be her boyfriend, and getting her away from the guy. 

Risa is grateful to Fukami for helping her, and she is also attracted to him. Risa thinks Fukami is very cool and smooth. Fukami is also attracted to Risa, so he asks her out on a dinner date. Risa accepts. 

Fukami takes Risa to a very expensive high-class restaurant, which makes Risa very awkward and uncomfortable. Fukami is 12 years older than Risa, and is clearly well off financially. At this time though, Risa knows nothing about Fukami, including that he owns the coffee shop that she always goes to, so this makes Risa even more self-conscious. 

Risa decides to get a little drunk so that she will not be as awkward with Fukami; this will also help her speak more comfortably. Once Risa starts drinking, she really starts to enjoy her date with Fukami. Risa's plan works too well though; she drinks too much of the wine and ends up passing out and falling asleep at the table. 

Since Fukami does not know where Risa lives, and he does not want to disturb her, he decides to take her to his place to sleep. When Risa wakes up, she is in Fukami's bed while he is asleep on the couch. 

Fukami gets up and makes coffee for them. He also offers to drive Risa home after he showers and gets dressed. While changing, things get steamy between them; they end up making out on the bed. 

Fukami is the very first guy that Risa has ever kissed, so this day is very special to her. 

The first chapter of this manga ends here with the make out session.

Review: Is This Manga Worth Reading?

This manga is really amazing! I love it! The chemistry between Risa and Fukami is so sweet and adorable; I just love Fukami's character. He is so romantic; he really knows how to spoil a girl and make her feel special. At the same time, Fukami is always respectful and the perfect gentleman. Fukami is also very sexy; he says all the right things, and is an attentive lover. Fukami is definitely one of my favorite manga characters.

Risa on the other hand is the complete opposite of Fukami; opposites do attract at times. Risa is so feminine, sweet, pure, and innocent. I love her character also. 

The manga Coffee and Vanilla is just absolutely wonderful. I have re-read this manga a few times, so I do highly highly recommend it. This manga will have you addicted to it if you love heavy romance, rich man poor girl pairings, and mature mangas. This manga is definitely a must-read!

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