Manga Review マンガレビュー: Shitsuji no Chinmoku 執事たちの沈黙 (桜田雛) ; 执事们的沉默 - The Butler's Silence Volume 1 Chapter 1


Shitsuji no Chinmoku Sakura Hina

The Butler's Silence 

執事たちの沈黙 (桜田雛) ; 执事们的沉默

Author: Sakurada Hina

Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Rich Girl Poor Guy, Comedy

Current Number of Chapters Released: 22

Ongoing Manga/Not Completed

Originally when I first started reading this manga, I was turned off by the spoiled rich girl main character named Tsubaki. This girl is such a brat; she even threw food in the face of her poor butler named Kazumi

I quite like the character Kazumi; he has two different sides to him, and he dresses and acts with impeccable manners as a butler is suppose to. Once Kazumi's mistress Tsubaki leaves for the day, Kazumi looks and acts like a normal person; he looks much more handsome; Kazumi has the mouth of a sailor though (he cusses a lot)! Kazumi is quite a handsome responsible young man.

Kazumi looks so different outside of the workplace; you would not even be able to recognize him. This is exactly what happens when Tsubaki is robbed and chases after the thief; she ends up running past her butler and does not even recognize him. Her and Kazuki make physical contact when the thief throws a rock at Tsubaki, and causes her to trip and fall. Kazumi catches her and cushions her fall. Tsubaki ends up crashing right into Kazumi and ends up kissing him, which freaks poor Kazumi out.

This is when things get sexy. I started falling in love with Kazumi here. Seeing Tsubaki in trouble and hurt brought out the butler in Kazumi, so he licked her injury. This is so sweet, romantic, utterly gross and unhygienic, all at the same time!

Throughout this whole interaction with Kazumi, Tsubaki never realized that he was her butler. Having her injury licked and kissing Kazumi also seemed to make Tsubaki's heart skip a beat. It looks like the spoiled mistress might have just fallen in love with her butler of all people! A man that she dogs on a daily basis!

On the other hand, poor Kazumi is freaking out that his mistress may recognize him, and fire him for being dressed like so casually during work hours. So Kazumi tries to get away from Tsubaki, but Tsubaki is not having it; with her strong personality, this is not surprising. 

Shocking Kazumi even further is the fact that Tsubaki asks for his phone number! It is here that he high tails it out of there and gets back to the house to change and look like Tsubaki's butler once again.

When Tsubaki arrives back at the house, she looks very different. She looks like a woman who is smitten. In the hopes of seeing Kazumi again, Tsubaki goes and waits everyday near where she met Kazumi that day that he helped her when she was robbed. 

Tsubaki's odd behavior makes Kazumi realize that Tsubaki has a crush on him, so he lets her wait at the same spot everyday for days without seeing her. Finally though, Kazumi decides to do something about Tsubaki, so he changes his clothes and meets her where he knows she is waiting. Of course, knowing that Tsubaki has a crush on him, Kazumi decides to get back at her for all of her bad behavior. Since Tsubaki refuses to eat healthy carrots, and even threw them in his face a few days ago, Kazumi told Tsubaki that he hates girls who dislike carrots, no matter how attractive they are. 

This makes Tsubaki decide to eat carrots; she even shoves one fresh one out of the ground into her mouth! So gross and yet so hilarious!

Tsubaki is quite funny here, and to top it off, she gives Kazumi a love confession, while also talking about how much she hates carrots!

This is when we get a real surprise. Kazumi fully goes all out and makes out with Tsubaki. This is quite shocking. I thought that Kazumi disliked Tsubaki, but perhaps he hated her spoiled behavior, and not her personally. I also think that kazumi might feel that because of his status, Tsubaki is off limits. Kazumi might feel that their relationship is impossible because he works for her family as a servant.

Suddenly, Kazumi snaps out of it and realizes that he just did something forbidden. It is too late though to pretend that nothing happened. After kissing a girl twice, you can not just expect her to forget about it. Kazumi totally freaks out. He tells Tsubaki that he will never see her again, and then he runs like the hounds of Hell are on his heels! This is where this first chapter ends.

Review: Is This Manga Worth Reading?

This manga looks adorable! I did not like Tsubaki at first, but falling for a guy seems to have really started to mellow her out; she even seems more tolerable and pleasant now. I also like that this manga is realistic in the sense that everyone has a different face at different times depending on the setting that they are in and who they are around, so Tsubaki and Kazumi are very real everyday people.

Another thing that I really like about this manga is its focus on Tsubaki's growth and maturity, as well as a love relationship between two people of very different backgrounds and statuses. So this manga will focus on a love that transitions the barriers of social class, wealth, and status.

All in all, this manga looks cute, and I plan to continue reading it. Both Tsubaki and Kazumi seem really inexperienced with love; they are both quite vulnerable people, so I look forward to seeing how their relationship grows.

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