Cardcaptor Sakura Anime Notebook Journal Collectible カードキャプターさくら

"Card Captor Sakura" By Charlie:

Hello my Anime lovers! If you follow me on Instagram
(click here to go to my Instagram), you know I love Anime! Since I love Anime so much, I like to collect it. I have been growing my Anime collection slowly over the last couple of years. I especially love to collect Studio Ghibli and Sailor Moon merchandise, but with the release of the new Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card series, I started longing for some more Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise to add to my collection. So, I will share with you three Cardcaptor Sakura notebook journals that I bought to add to my collection 📖 

I bought two of the three notebooks from the same seller and they are similar in design. If I remember correctly, the listing said that they come with 194 pages. Each notebook comes with a very thick, heavy duty, durable binding; they come with a soft ribbon as a bookmark; all of the pages are blank, white, and unlined, so this notebook is great for drawing in or writing in other languages; each notebook comes with a protective packaging that has the same images on it as the actual notebook itself has, and both notebook covers have Kero-chan (Cerberus ケルベロス) on them. The first notebook had a pink cover with Sakura's name, as well as her wand, the Star Key, on the front and back of it; this notebook comes with a light beige ribbon to use as a bookmark:

The second notebook from this same seller comes in a dark burgundy red color, and it says "The Clow" on the front and back of the cover. This notebook comes with a soft brown cafe colored ribbon to use as a bookmark:

The third notebook I bought, I got from a different seller. This notebook is very pretty! It has a metallic gold design on the front, back, and binding of the notebook. The back and front cover of the notebook says, "The Clow", and has sun and moon designs on it. Unlike the other two notebooks I bought, this one looks like its cover is made from leather, but it doesn't smell like leather does, so it is likely faux leather; this notebook comes with a soft red ribbon to use as a bookmark, and it comes with half blank pages, and half lined pages with a grey design on the sides of the pages. This design is the same as the cover design; this notebook also came with a cardboard packaging to protect the notebook. This is what this protective cover looks like: 

This is what the actual notebook looks like:

Out of all three of these notebooks, my favorite is the Sakura notebook; the first one I showed. I just love the design and look of this notebook, and though I would have preferred for it to have lined pages, I still find it very useful for writing in Korean and studying Japanese, since it is hard to fit the Asian characters on lined paper. All-in-all, I love all of these notebooks, and if you love to collect Cardcaptor Sakura merchandise, I highly recommend adding a notebook to your collection. 

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