Sailor Moon Anime Coffee Cup Mug Collectible 美少女戦士セーラームーン

"Over The Moon | Sailor Moon Crystal: Act I Review" By BagoGames:

I absolutely love coffee mugs. I am a coffee and tea lover, so I tend to use a lot of coffee mugs. Over the years, I started collecting them, so here are some of the Sailor Moon coffee mugs that I currently have in my collection ☕

I will start with my absolute favorite one out of all of the Sailor Moon coffee mugs that I own:

I find this coffee mug to be so beautiful. I love that it has Princess Serenity and Prince Darian on it; it is such a romantic beautiful image of them. When I posted this photo on my Instagram (@placeofanimeandmanga/), it got many likes☺. I also love the way these two are holding hands in this image 💑. I would have liked the image to be clearer, and for the image to be on the back and front of the coffee mug, instead of just on the front, but this has not stopped me from loving this coffee mug ❤

My second favorite coffee mug has Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon on it. This coffee mug is different from the others in my collection because it is the only one where the image only appears when the cup gets hot; when you pour coffee or tea in it. That is something I don't like about this coffee mug. I absolutely adore the image on it, but I wish I could see the image all the time; the image also takes a little over a minute to fully show up, so you do have to wait a bit for the image to fully develop. In addition, if you don't fill the coffee mug up enough with the hot liquid, you may not see the whole image. Lastly, as soon as your drink cools, the image is gone, so sometimes, the image is there for less than ten minutes. This is how the image shows up:

This is what the coffee mug looks like when the image has fully formed; this image shows up on the front and back of the coffee mug:

This is my third favorite coffee mug. I love how artistic the image is, and that it has all of the inner senshi in it; Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Mercury. I also like that this image goes all around the coffee mug. 

This is my fourth favorite coffee mug in my collection. I love how beautiful and clear the image is of Sailor Moon. I also love how Usagi's pigtails go all around the coffee mug. This transformation outfit in Sailor Moon S and Super S is actually my favorite of all of Usagi's transformation outfits in the entire series 😍 This coffee mug has been used so much, that it even got chipped on Sailor Moon's skirt 😭

Lastly, this is the last coffee mug in my collection:

This coffee mug has a pretty image on it, and I do love that it has Luna on it, but I rarely use this coffee mug because I feel that the image quality is really poor, because the image is so blurry; the image is also only on the front of the coffee mug. I would have liked the image to be on the back as well. 

Here are some other beautiful sailor Moon coffee mugs:

Do you like to collect coffee mugs? If so, what kind do you like to collect? 🍻

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