Top 3 Best Favorite Shoujo Animes and Films of 2018 最高の少女アニメ

Shoujo animes are one of the most popular genres of anime. One of the most popular animes of all time, and which put anime on the map in America, was a shoujo anime called Sailor Moon. Shoujo stands for maiden, so it represents animes tailored to young girls. 

Shoujo anime can be full of intimate sweet romance, like those once in a lifetime loves and first time loves; they also have themes that focus on personal growth and self-discovery. Many of my most-loved animes are shoujos, so today, I will share with you all my favorite, top best shoujo animes of 2018. 

Anime Series/TV
1. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card カードキャプターさくら

22 Episodes
Licensed By Funimation
Madhouse Studios

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Magic, Shoujo, School Life, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

This anime starts out beautifully. There is comedy surrounding Kero-chan and Suppi in the very first scene of the anime. The opening theme song is also a beautiful Japanese female vocal, which goes very well with the anime. 

The graphical design in this series is very beautiful, with heightened color, saturation, and vibrancy that is better than the first two seasons of Cardcaptor Sakura. 

Sakura's life in this season is still similar to how it was in the previous seasons, since all of the main characters are still here, except for one, who moved away. All of the important elements that made the original Cardcaptor Sakura so popular are all still here: well-loved Tomoyo and her adorable outfits; Tomoyo's personality is exactly the same, and there is still a lot of significance and importance associated with Sakura's dreams, which also convey messages to her and help move the anime along. 

One big difference in this series compared to the original Cardcaptor Sakura is the romance and the focus on crystals, which reminds me a lot of Sailor Moon. 

There is a much greater romantic element in this season between Sakura and Shaoran; they have intense displays of affection and say a lot of romantic things to each other, which is very cute. There are also sweet intimate moments between Yue and Sakura as well in this series, which I am happy to see! I always wanted Yue and Sakura to hook up, so I love these sweet moments between them.

Like all of the Cardcaptor Sakura's before this one, there is still a lot of mystery to the story, so you will have to keep watching the series to uncover the mysteries. You will have to watch it to discover the identity of the mysterious new person that has appeared, to discover his intentions towards Sakura, and to discover the mystery behind the Sakura Cards becoming clear cards. 

2. 3D Kanojo Real Girl 
彼女 リアルガール

Short Anime of 12 Episodes
Licensed By Sentail Filmworks
Hoods Entertainment Studios

Genres: Comedy, School Life, Romance, Shoujo

This is a very cute, funny, comedic anime about polar opposites falling in love with each for the first time. The girl is named Iroha. She is very pretty, sexy, blunt, straight forward, does and says what she wants without worrying about the consequences, and she is hated by other girls and considered sleazy. Iroha is what is called a 3D girl. The guy named Tsutsui is an otaku nerd who is hated by others and considered disgusting because of the things that he is interested in. Tsutsui hates girls like Iroha, but both of them have a lot in common despite their differences. 

Iroha and Tsutsui are both picked on, disliked, and bullied by their peers, so they understand each other and complement each other well. Iroha gives Tsutsui the affection, intimacy, and acceptance that he always wanted, and Tsutsui is a real friend who is loyal and protective of Iroha, which is something that means a lot to Iroha. 

Iroha and Tsutsui's experiences together are cute, sweet, and endearing. They help and protect each other from bullying peers; they accept each other, and they grow together throughout this anime. 

This is the kind of anime that people who like romance, especially first love romance, and the slow changes that come with these kinds of relationships, will like. This is an anime that teens and young girls will especially love. 

Anime Film
3. Gekijouban Haikara-san ga Tooru Movie 1
劇場版 はいからさんが通る 前編 ~紅緒、花の17歳~

Nippon Animation Studios
Genre: Historical, Shoujo, Romance, Political, Military, War, Comedy, Period

"I refuse! I want to choose my own husband! I will never be tied down by old customs! I want to find my husband on my own! I'm a new woman of Taisho and I deserve to love by my own free will! I just want to choose how I live my own life!" - Benio Hanamura

This is a sweet cute anime about a young teenage girl of 17 living in Japan during a time of change; during a time when Western culture came to Japan. This anime takes place during war time. There is civil war going on in Russia, and Japanese soldiers are being sent to Russia and Siberia to fight in this war. 

This anime's focus is on traditionalism vs modernism. The traditional upbringing and education of girls in Japan at this time focused less on knowledge, and more on domestication; learning things like sewing, cooking, etiquette, domestic tasks, and preparing for marriage.

"When you're in this house, you obey your parents. When you get married, you obey your husband. When you get old, you will obey your children." - Benio Hanamura's Father

The setting of this anime centers around change; how girls started becoming independent at this time since they were influenced by the West. More independent ways of thinking led some girls to want to pick their own partners, and to do things that men could do, such as ride bikes, learn martial arts, date men freely, wear boots, drink, and take influential jobs outside of the home, such as doctors and officials. These kinds of women are called modern women. 

This anime's main character is a modern woman named Benio Hanamura, so this anime is about her ideals, beliefs, and experiences with friends, first love, loss, and her own arranged marriage to someone that her father chose for her. 

This anime is very sweet, and Benio's personality adds a lot of quirkiness that makes you laugh throughout the movie. The vibrancy of the colors and the graphics are very beautiful as well. This is just such a fun, adorable, meaningful, inspirational, feminist anime to watch with the whole family; it has themes focusing on acceptance of differences, love, personal growth, and maturity. 

"What is it with putting men over women! What outdated rubbish!" - Benio Hanamura

What is your favorite shoujo anime?

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