Top Best 23 Music Songs From The .Hack//SIGN Soundtrack

Best Music Top 23 Songs From .Hack//Sign

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.Hack//Sign was an anime that I was obsessed with, and played constantly when I was a teen. I even played the game with the Japanese audio. I played .Hack//Infection, .Hack//Mutation, and .Hack//Outbreak. I did not get to play .Hack//Quarantine though. 

I watched the whole .Hack//Sign anime series, all 26 episodes, and I do consider .Hack//Sign to be a classic; it was one of the best animes that had come out at that time. 

When I was younger, all of my friends had heard of .Hack//Sign, just as they had heard of Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sailor Moon.Hack//Sign was so popular, that seven different versions were made of it: .Hack//Sign (which is the first one that came out), .Hack//Roots, .Hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu, .Hack//Liminality (OVA), .Hack//Quantum (OVA), .Hack//Gift (OVA), and .Hack//Unison (Special).

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One of the things that I liked most about .Hack//Sign was seeing the different worlds, the monsters, and the adventures that the game and anime presented. I also loved the Japanese voices and the music. I listened to the whole .Hack//Sign soundtrack, which has many great songs. Out of the whole soundtrack, here are my top 23 best favorite songs from the album:

This song is the one that I remember most from the anime. The Japanese female vocal is fast, fun, upbeat, and exciting with drums and flute.

This song is a beautiful soothing piano and violin piece.

This is a beautiful song with an English female vocal that has a Celtic beat to it. 

This is a beautiful English female vocal ballad using the tambourine.

 This is a beautiful harmonic piece with tambourine and flute. 

This is a beautiful gentle piano piece.

This is a fun energetic upbeat drum and flute piece. 

This is such a beautiful sad melancholy violin and piano piece that touches at the heartstrings.

This is a lovely English vocal that tells a story, and which reminds me a lot of Wiccan and Celtic music. 

This is a happy sweet piano piece.

This is the main opening theme for .Hack//Sign, so it is the first song that you hear when you enter this anime. This is a great song; it is a very fast moving song that is as fast as techno at times with an English female vocal. This song reminds me a bit of rock music, and yet it is unique all its own. 

This song is extremely popular; it has a pop feel to it that is very lively and exciting, so it is one of my favorite songs from the .Hack//Sign soundtrack. 

This is a lovely fast English female vocal that has a modern pop feel to it. There are two versions of this song; there is the original version and the reprised version. I like the reprised version the most. This is also one of my favorite songs in the .Hack//Sign soundtrack. 

This song has a very distinct Irish Celtic vibe to it with flute, tambourine, and bagpipes. This is a fun song. 

This is a beautiful fast female English vocal that has a rock music feel to it at times, as well as a choir feel to it at others.

This is a solemn song that feels sad, and yet it reminds me of memories. This piano peace is lighter at times, and more deep and solemn at others.

This song is a beautiful dark violin piece that is full of wonder and darkness. There is an English male vocal in this song as well, which enhances it nicely and blends in smoothly with the beat and music. 

This is a nice song that has a Spanish and Celtic feel to it; it is a fun song that invokes feelings of curiosity. 

I love this song. It has a Celtic feel to it, but it also reminds me a lot of Lindsey Stirling's music, especially the song Roundtable Rival. 

This is a beautiful soothing piano piece.

This is one of my favorite songs in the entire .Hack//Sign soundtrack. It is a jazzy song with a fun lively female vocal that is just so beautiful and lovely.

 This is a solemn slightly sad piano and violin piece that reminds me of past memories, as well as takes me back to a song that I heard in Howl's Moving Castle. 

This is a beautiful English female vocal that tells a story that sounds like Wiccan ballads; it also adds interesting modern technical sound effects that enhance it and make it unique. 

The lyrics in this piece are also beautiful and have a Wiccan feel to them since they are about nature; the earth, the winds, the rain, and the water. The end of this song sounds like choir music, so this musical piece has many different elements to it, which is also why it is one of my favorite songs in the .Hack//Sign soundtrack.

This musical piano piece is very soothing with a beautiful female vocal that I believe is singing in German. I have never heard music sung in German, so this was a new experience for me, and I absolutely love it; German can sound very beautiful. 

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