Learning Japanese Through Anime With Video & Translation: A Silent Voice The Movie 映画 聲の形 - 日本語学習 - 日本語を学びたいです

A Silent Voice The Movie
映画 聲の形 
Scenes: 0:00 - 6:16

1. Ima (now) made (until) osewa ni narimashita.

Thank you for everything.

2. Zenbu de (everything/all) sanman(en)(30,000 yen) gurai (about) ze (ending said by men; it is like an exclamation point).

It'll be about 30,000 yen for all of them.

3. Zenbu (everything) oroshimasu (to withdraw).

I'd like to withdraw all the money.

4. Minna (everyone) seki ni tsuke (seki no tsuku - to take a seat).

Everyone take your seats.

5. Kyou (today) kara (from) atarashii (new) nakama (colleague) ga fureru (to come in contact with) zo (said by males; it is like an exclamation point).

You have a new classmate starting today.

6. Nan (what) da (is it) yo (sentence ending; it is like an exclamation point).


7. Yatte ja Ishida?
Could be good Ishida?

8. Joshi (woman/girl) Datte (they say it is).

It's going to be a girl.

9. Kyoumi (interest in something) nee shi (since/because).

I don't care.

*"Nee" is an informal way of saying "nai". Boys use this a lot especially, but I hear girls use it too.*

10. Ii (good) ka (question marker).
All right. 

The literal translation is, "it's good isn't it".

11. Jaa (well/right), mazu de (first off) jikoshoukai shite (introduce yourself).

First of all, introduce yourself.

12. Uso!
No way!

13. Yabee (dangerous/risky)!
Holy crap!

14. Hai (yes), yoroshiku ne.
It's nice to meet you.

15. Nishimiya-san tte (as for), nihongo (Japanese language) shabereru no (can you speak)?

Can you speak Japanese Nishimiya-san?

16. Mou (jeez/oh boy) Nao-chan iikata (way of talking/speaking style).

That's not a nice way to put it Nao-chan.

Since Nao does not know Nishimiya very well, she shouldn't speak so informally to her; that is what her classmate is saying here.

17. Eetoo...

18. Nante (such as) yubareteru iru (do you have/is there for living things)?

Do you have a nickname?

19. Toori ya!
Take that!

20. Shou-chan ka?
Is your nickname Shou-chan?

21. Ishida da (it is) to (and) Ishou-chan.
That's the same as Ishida.

22. Shou-chan datte (she said it is)!
His nickname is Shou-chan.

23. Ii (good/nice) desu ne (it is isn't it).
That's cool.

24. Yoku (good) nee yo.
No, that's not cool.

*"Nee" is the same as "nai", which means it is not. This is said a lot by guys and it is very informal, so you should use "nai" instead of "nee" with people you are not close to or who are not family.*

Study Tip

Watch the video again and again until you can hear the words being spoken, and repeat the whole sentence each time. Keep practicing until you have memorized all of the sentences by heart.

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