Top 10 Best Song Music From Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away 千と千尋の神隠し Soundtrack Album

Spirited Away is an amazing anime for many reasons. There is a unique story and plot that incorporates elements from fairytale stories and legends. There are moral messages in it, and there are many interesting unique-looking characters. Along with the animation and design, the music is quite nice and soothing as well. I listened to the entire album for Spirited Away, and out of all the songs I listed to, these are the best top 10 songs in the soundtrack.

This is a lovely piano piece that reminds me of music that I heard in Sailor Moon.

This song starts out as a jazzy piano piece, but then it becomes darker and sadder.

3. OST Reprise/Again Futatabi - A lovely violin piece.

4. Reprise & Waltz of Chihiro - A beautiful soothing piano piece.

This fun flute song has a Native American feel to it.

This is a very beautiful piano and violin piece that is upbeat and full of mystery and discovery.

7. Ano Hi no Kawa/Day of The River  

This song is a bit sad and lonely, but it is still very beautiful. This song is another favorite of mine in this soundtrack.

A beautiful dark spooky mysterious piano and violin piece.

This is a beautiful female Japanese vocal that is one of the most well-known and famous songs in Spirited Away. This song is my favorite song in the entire soundtrack.

10. The Sixth Station - This is a lovely soothing piano piece.

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