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Final Fantasy 4 IV, like all of the Final Fantasy games, was quite popular and well-liked among Japanese RPG game lovers. The Final Fantasy games got even better and better with each one that was released, and though I do like the songs in the later games more than in the earlier ones, there are still several songs from Final Fantasy 4 that I liked. Out of the entire soundtrack for Final Fantasy 4, these were the songs that ranked in my top 15 best in the soundtrack.

This is a beautiful violin flute piece

This is a mysterious spooky adventurous piece

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This is a dark sad piece that is also gentle

4. Melody of Lute
This is a medium tempo piano piece

5. Suspicion
This is a sad dark yet romantic violin piece

6. Hey, Cid
This is a fun drum and trumpet piece

7. Mystic Mysidia
This is a fun playful piano flute piece

8. Palom & Porom
This is a short fun fast song that reminds me a lot of the song "Chocobo, Chocobo" in this soundtrack

This is a soothing violin flute piece that is very beautiful; it is my favorite song in all of the Final Fantasy 4 soundtrack

This is a fun dance song. This one is basically the song "Chocobo, Chocobo", but with more of a Spanish dance tune added to it. This is another of my favorite songs in this soundtrack

This song reminds me of dark mysterious carnival music

This is a dark flute piece

This is a beautiful piano piece that gives me the feeling of a mystical dream realm

This is a lovely piece with drums and flute

 This is a fun playful song with the beloved chocobo ❤

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