Top 45 Best Music Songs From Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, & 3 キングダム ハーツ - RPG Square Enix Game Music

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Kingdom Hearts is a fantastic game! I was sooo obsessed with this game for a long time, and even now, it is still an amazing game! I love how there is a mix of Japanese animation character designs mixed with the most famous classic Disney characters; it is literally the best of both worlds, the East and the West. 

Kingdom Hearts is famous for for more than just its characters though. The music in this game is epic! Kingdom Hearts has one of the best anime soundtracks ever. It is up there with the Final Fantasy and Studio Ghibli soundtracks. Kingdom Hearts has a huge soundtrack, but I was able to narrow it down to the best top 45 songs in Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3. 

1. Dearly Beloved - This is a beautiful piano piece.

2. Hikari Simple and Clean
There are 2 versions of this song. The Kingdom Orchestra Version and the Japanese female vocal by Utada Hikaru

This is lovely romantic beautiful upbeat violin and saxophone piece. I also love Utada Hikaru; she is the first Japanese singer that I ever learned about, and she is my favorite. I have listened to her music for many years. Her voice is just so beautiful! 

3. Dive Into The Heart Destati - Lovely dark male alto hymns with drums.

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This is a fun dance piece with the flute that has a Spanish feel to it.

5. Treasured Memories - This is a lovely soft gentle piano piece.

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6. Kairi I - Upbeat sweet piano music.

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This is a lovely female hymn with music that reminds me of tiptoeing; it is a fun mysterious song.

This is a fast piano song that sounds action-packed and full of adventure. This song has a Celtic vibe to it at times.

This is a fun song that starts out mysterious, but at times, it has a dark and exploring tone to it.

10. Blast Away Gummy Ship I - This is a fun song that makes you want to dance.

This is another fast fun upbeat song in this soundtrack. I really like this song a lot. It is one of my favorite faster songs in this album.

12. Turning The Key - This is a lovely short piano organ piece.

This is a victorious song that sounds regal. This song has bells in it and it is very beautiful and sweet.

14. No Time To Think - This is a dark action-packed violin song.

Photo by Arnie Chou from Pexels

This is a fast, wild, and dark adventurous song full of drums and flutes.

This is a fast action-packed song full of dark themes at times, and upbeat at others.

17. Holy Bananas - This is a fun upbeat song.

This is a lovely gentle piano flute song. The Kairi songs in this soundtrack are among my favorites in Kingdom Hearts.

"Fail or Win, Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Goods in stores Now! What is that Sticky Substance?", Mike Mozart, flickr

I loved the music in Winnie The Pooh! In fact, I love Winnie The Pooh in general; it is an adorable show, so I am happy to see this song in the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. This song is exactly the same as it is in the show. I love it!

20. Once Upon A Time - This is a short music box bedtime song.

21. Precious Stars In The Sky - This is a lovely sweet flute piece.

This is a fast fun upbeat song that makes you want to move with the beat; it has a techno feel to it at times.

This violin song has an upbeat fun Egyptian Middle Eastern feel to it.

Just as the title states, this song has an Arabic Middle Eastern beat to it.

This is a fun song that reminds me a bit of "Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy".

26. Monstrous Monstro - This is a fun fast-paced violin piece.

27. Friends In My Heart - This is a beautiful soft slow piano piece.

This is the exact same song as in the "Little Mermaid"! I love this song! I love how this album has songs from some of the most famous Disney cartoons in it.

This is a fun song that reminds me of "Under The Sea".

30. A Piece Of Peace - This song reminds me a lot of Christmas music.

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

This is the exact same song as in "The Nightmare Before Christmas". I love this song!

Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

This song sounds like a continuation of "This Is Halloween".

33. Oopsy Daisy - Lovely piano music.

Photo by Calebe Miranda from Pexels

I like all of the Kairi songs in this soundtrack. This song reminds me of a lullaby.

35. Hollow Bastion - This is a very beautiful violin piece.

This piano piece is one of my favorite songs in the whole album, and it is also one of the most famous and well-known songs in Kingdom Hearts; it is such a beautiful song.

This is a dark piece with female alto hymns and triangle chimes.

This piece has female and male alto hymn voices with saxophone, flute, and violin; it sounds similar to the "End of The World".

Lovely organ music and female alto hymn vocals. This piece sounds angelic.

A lovely soothing piano piece. This song reminds me of innocent love and longing.

This is one of my favorite pieces in this album; it is very beautiful, deep, and soothing.

Photo by Anastasiya Lobanovskaya from Pexels

This is a lovely soothing and upbeat piano, violin, trumpet, and saxophone piece.

This is a lovely soft soothing piece that is fit for a music box.

This is a fast action-packed adventure piece that reminds me of something out of "Tarzan".

45. Wake Up

This is a lovely dark adventurous danger-filled female and male alto hymn piece.

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