2019 Yokai Movies, Workshops, Snacks, Fun, and Games At The SCETA Japan Center - Japanese Anime & Culture Event 日本のアニメと文化イベント

In 2019, I organized an anime and Japanese cultural event. This event brought out a good number of people, despite that it was organized on short notice. Seven people came out to this event, which was held at the SCETA Japan Center. Since I speak Japanese and love Japanese culture, anime, and manga, I always try to make it out to Japanese events in my area. So when my friend Rika-san told me about this event at the SCETA Japan Center, I decided to invite people out to it and create an event for it.

The event that I brought people out to at the SCETA Japan Center was an anime yokai event where kids and adults could participate in workshops, arts, and crafts. Everyone could watch anime movies about yokai, monsters, ghosts, and ghouls. There was also a barbecue with hamburgers, sushi, noodle dishes, snacks, water, and juices. Of course, there were fun games for people of all ages to participate in as well.

If you have not been to the SCETA Japan Center before, it is a building with Japanese-style small rooms with sliding doors, shoji, a genkan area, and Japanese paper lamps 🏮. The SCETA Japan Center is a language and cultural center that has Japanese language classes, and you can also learn about Japanese culture here and participate in Japanese-themed events. 

Anime lovers and collectors can also buy licensed Japanese and anime merchandise at the SCETA Japan Center at very cheap prices. They had merchandise for some of the most famous animes including Totoro, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Rilakkuma, Naruto, and Gudetama.

The SCETA Japan Center decorated for this special yokai event with exhibitions showing different types of yokai from Japanese legends, stories, animes, and mangas. I also learned about many of the Japanese superstitions surrounding these different yokai. 

I really enjoy the events hosted at the SCETA Japan Center. They are very fun family-oriented events that are great for the whole family to enjoy. You can also meet new great people here, and even network. I even met someone here who taught me how to make origami!

While at the SCETA Japan Center, I also discovered a new anime that I did not know about that I fell in love with called "Rilakkuma and Kaoru". A few episodes of this anime were played at the event and I loved them so much, so I looked them up when I got home, and watched the whole series on Netflix. 

The SCETA Japan Center is a great educational center with good people/good company and great conversations, so I look forward to their next event!

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